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The 22nd Annual Edgar Cayce Hometown Seminar


Hopkinsville native Edgar Cayce became a household name for allegedly possessing strange powers of mental telepathy. His purported psychic abilities to answer questions on health and other personal problems while in a trance garnered him worldwide fame. Museums of Hopkinsville Director Alissa Keller joins Kate on Sounds Good with events Friday through Sunday (March 28-30) remembering Cayce's legacy in the 22nd annual Edgar Cayce Hometown Seminar featuring experts and a hypnotist.

"He had newspaper articles about him and his talents and his gifts kind of started to spread, his name got around. Very well-known people had readings done by Edgar Cayce--presidents and people from Hollywood--from all kinds of different places. They had readings done by Edgar in the 1920s through the 40s, and I think with that and with how well-docked his reading have been, he was the most well-documents psychic of the twentieth century. His legacy has been able to live on."

More about this weekend's seminar.

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