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Old Kentucky Tales S7, Ep4: How Cottage Cheese Saved The World...Twice.


Jason and Brent talk about cottage cheese. Yes, cottage cheese, for the entire episode.  So if you love cottage cheese, if you hate cottage cheese, if you are fascinated by World War 2 food rationing programs or if you have zero else to do, this episode is made for you.  The Fake History Sponsors are 1963's Blood Feast movie and a 1914 bank ad for Valentine's Day, with more Improper Driving PSAs.   This is the last episode recorded before the pandemic hiatus but Season 7 continues on next week with 6 more episodes to go.  Share comments here or on the Apple Podcasts app, iTunes or NPROne.  Old Kentucky Tales is produced by sound engineer Todd Birdsong at WKCTC's Paducah School of Art and Design.

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