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[Slideshow] Progress on the Kentucky Dam Lock

The Kentucky Lock Addition Project is located at Kentucky Dam on the Tennessee River. The project seeks to reduce the average delay time and reduce traffic levels for commercial tows. On Sounds Good, Kate Lochte gets an update on its progress from U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Project Manager Adam Walker and whether or not the Lock is on course for completion in 2018.

Listen to the conversation:

Nashville District U.S. Army Corps of Engineers personnel oversee the Kentucky Lock Addition under construction at Kentucky Dam, which is now serviced by a 600 x 110 foot navigation lock. It raises and lowers vessels up to 75 feet between Kentucky Lake and the lower part of the river. A 1992 feasibility report recommended a new 110 x 1200 foot lock adjacent and landward of the existing lock. Authorization for construction occurred four years later and work began in July of 1998.   

US Army Corps of Engineers Kentucky Lock & Dam Fact Sheet

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