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'Drink To Your Wildside' at a Brewery Opening in Paris

A craft brewery is getting ready to open in Paris, Tennessee, by two friends producing beers in out-of-the-ordinary styles. On Sounds Good, Kate Lochte speaks with Randall Perry, the co-owner of Perrylodgic Brewing Company about how he and his business partner got started, where they're setting up shop and the types of beer they'll brew this fall.

"Drink To Your Wildside"

Randall Perry had set out to learn the guitar in his free time, while working as operations manager for an aircraft manufacturer. He decided to take lessons from music store manager Jonathan Lodge. After developing a friendship over shared interests - homebrewing and winemaking, and brewing together for fun, Perry begin thinking about what it would take to open a craft brewery. He pitched the idea to Lodge, and in the 19 months since, they've been searching, studying and working on brewing professionally.

Credit Perrylodgic Brewing Co., Facebook
Jonathan Lodge and Randall Perry

A 10 Barrel Brewing System

Perry says they are currently waiting on the arrival of their fermenters, bright tanks, bottling machine and kegging machine. They will have six fermenters, which hold 310 gallons a piece and two bright tanks, holding 310 gallons. With the fermenting and finishing vessels, they're also setting up the brewhouse with a bull kettle, hot liquor tank and mash tun. 

Ingredients on the Label

Perrylodgic will be making ales, not lagers, and will begin with nine true recipes. At first, one may see a couple varieties in stores around Henry County, eventually expanding regionally. The taproom will feature more varieties, along with seasonals and an autumn harvest. They plan on putting the ingredients on the label. Their summer beer is called "Crazy Eight," featuring eight different spices: heather tips, seeds of paradise, ginger root, lemongrass, coriander, citrus peels, hops and grains. 

"It's really exciting when you can wake up and you're just joyful to go to work."

Credit Perrylodgic Brewing Co., Facebook

They haven't set a number of employees yet, but Perry says he wants to hire people and be a part of the community. They won't have a restaurant at first, but will have some snacks to go with the beer. They're experimenting with using the spent grain to make pretzels and breadsticks.

Perry anticipates opening October 1, 2014.

The brewery is located in a large metal building with a brick front at 3465 HWY 79 N. toward the lake, leaving Paris, just past the 218 bypass. Look for the sign that says "brewing coming soon."

Perrylodgic Brewing Company on Facebook

Perrylodgic Brewing Company Website

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