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Kentucky Restaurants Review Minimum Wage Ruling

Maksim Shebeko
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Retailers across Kentucky are assessing the State Supreme Court’s ruling on local efforts to set a minimum wage. That includes many in the restaurant business.

The state’s highest court Friday ruled on wage increases in Lexington and Louisville invalid. The court says only state lawmakers can act to raise the base rate.

Kentucky Restaurant Association President Stacy Roof says it will be a business-by-business decision about whether to go back to the lower minimum wage of $7.25. She says most of their workers are not making minimum wage.

Roof says many tipped workers in Kentucky restaurants are making above minimum wage when tips and hourly rates are considered. She says there are roughly 200,000 people working in the state’s restaurants.?

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Stu Johnson is a reporter/producer at WEKU in Lexington, Kentucky.
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