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Barkley Regional Airport Is Expecting To Have $14M Package Bid Mid-July For Local Contractors

Barkley Regional Airport

Barkley Regional Airport’s Board of Directors reports outbound passenger count is up and the airport will increase its flights to two a day. Beginning July 5th, the Barkley Regional Airport will have two departing flights, one at 6:30 a.m. and another at noon.  

John Durbin is a member of the BRA’s Board of Directors. He said he is hopeful the airport is beginning to make a comeback in revenue. “Certainly there's been a significant dive in activity in revenues as a result of the COVID-19,” Durbin said. “But, we have started to see some uptick on passengers arrival, although miniscule, but it's still an uptick. We're hopeful we've hit bottom and now we're starting to come back out.”

Dennis Rouleau is the Executive Director of BRA, he said parking lot revenue and car rentals are improving. 

“Over the month before car rentals are starting to increase. In fact, Enterprise

has hired back one of the former employees. Tyler, who was working out here was let go, but they've hired him back to come back and that is welcomed news,” Rouleau said. 

Rouleau also said he is hoping to reach out to local contractors and make them aware of an approximately $14 million package for a new terminal and entrance road. The terminal is not expected to go up until next summer.

The BRA Board of Directors are shooting for a mid-July bid opening. 

The coronavirus pandemic has largely affected BRA’s fuel sales, ground transportation and parking revenue, and staff salaries costs. These changes consequented in the airport being $11,325 under budget. 

Rouleau said he suspects another stimulus package that has airport funding may be coming down in the future.


Hannah is a Murray State Journalism major. She found her place in radio during her second year in Murray. She is from Herndon, KY, a small farming community on the Kentucky/Tennessee stateline.
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