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Kentucky transportation group calls for increased Road Fund revenue options

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Kentucky’s best-known transportation advocacy organization says Ford’s almost $6 billion investment in battery technology signals an urgency in finding new ways to support road and bridge construction and maintenance. Ford is building two battery plants in Hardin County. Kentuckians for Better Transportation Director Jennifer Kirchner said the state needs to capture revenue from all types of vehicles. She noted the key is to focus on mileage. One option could involve the car registration process. “You give your vehicle registration over every year. The only addition to that information collected would be your miles traveled, that you would register and pay. And then, this really equalizes the playing field no matter what you’re doing, gas or electric,” said Kirchner.

Kirchner said federal coordination will be necessary to capture all usage. She said it’s too early to specify how more electric vehicles will change the fueling or charging landscape. “Where do these EV charging stations need to be? How many do we need on 75 or should they be on 69? Where do they need to go, hey, you’re working in northern Kentucky today and my car goes two hours, but I have to get to Paducah later in the day. So, there needs to be some intense thinking and planning about routes,” explained Kirchner.

Kirchner said a gas tax increase is still well overdue. She noted those monies are dedicated to support the road fund. The KFBT director also added electric aircraft technology is here and that could be a significant transportation player in the future.

Here's more with KFBT Executive Director Jennifer Kirchner. She talks about the advancement of electric vehicles, how charging stations may develop, and looking at electric aircraft as something in the not too far off in the distance:
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