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Legal Appeals Continuing Just Ahead Of Tennessee Execution


Legal appeals were continuing for Tennessee death row inmate Edmund Zagorski on Tuesday, just ahead of his scheduled execution.

Zagorski has two different cases pending before the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. But unless the court decides to halt the execution, it should take place on Thursday.

One case claims Zagorski had bad lawyers at his original trial, resulting in an unfair verdict. A three-judge panel ruled against Zagorski in that case on Monday, but on Tuesday he asked for a rehearing before the entire court.

In a second case, Zagorski claims that forcing him to choose between the electric chair and lethal injection is unconstitutional. A federal judge in Nashville ruled against him on Tuesday and Zagorski immediately appealed.

Zagorski was sentenced in 1984 for a double murder.

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