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Remnants of Tropical Storm Harvey to Bring Heavy Rain, Few Severe Storms

National Weather Service, Paducah

Houston and much of the Gulf Coast is still weathering the heavy rain and flooding wrought by Tropical Storm Harvey. The National Weather Service in Paducah forecasts the dregs of the storm will move into west Kentucky this week.

Warning Coordination Meteorologist Rick Shanklin said the region can expect one to four inches of rainfall as early as Wednesday night through Saturday. He expects the areas nearest to the Kentucky-Tennessee border to see heavier rainfall potential.


Shanklin said the threat level for severe storms and tornadoes is minimal, but things can change. “Sometimes you deal with this tropical moisture, certainly there’s potential in that for the areas of rain to shift, the heavy rain to be in different areas, and the amounts to even be greater."

The National Weather Service recently added new colors to its weather map to accurately depict the unprecedented rainfall levels around Houston. We will continue to cover the tropical storm as it moves northeast.


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