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Sunday Alcohol Sales at Restaurants Unlikely


A Murray city councilman says the group’s decision to allow Sunday alcohol sales at a golf course sends mixed signals to the community even though the issue seems dead.

Councilman Greg Taylor is one of three council members who voted against allowing Sunday sales. He says in a previous reading of the ordinance that allowed sales at the Murray Country Club, the Public Safety Committee suggested Sunday restaurant sales as well. The restaurant language did not make it to a council vote.

Taylor says while the golf course can serve alcohol on Sundays, restaurants won’t anytime soon.

“They’re under a different ordinance than the golf course is,” he says. "I don’t think legally we would be required to allow them to have sales on Sunday, but I do believe that it’s inconsistent to say as a governing body we do not want alcohol sales on Sunday and then to allow it just for one group.”

Public Safety Committee Chairman Jay Morgan voted for the Sunday sales at golf courses and says Sunday sales at restaurants is a separate issue. Morgan doesn't expect a vote on Sunday restaurant sales anytime soon since there hasn’t been any discussion since the ordinance’s first reading.

“No one’s expressed any interest to me over it,” Morgan says. “I can’t speak for the other committee members though. It seems like it’s been dead since the vote.”

City Administrator Matt Mattingly says the mayor, city council or interested business owners can petition the council to address Sunday sales at restaurants.

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