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First Round of Madisonville Library Construction Workers to Get Paid In Coming Weeks

A Kentucky Department of Labor official says some workers involved in the Hopkins County-Madisonville Library prevailing wage case should be paid for their work within the next two weeks.

The renovation scope of a new library building requires the partially government funded organization to pay workers a prevailing wage, which is higher than the library initially contracted.

Department of Labor Spokesperson Daniel Lowry said the library board made its first payment last month of 28,000 dollars on the nearly 100,000 dollar bill. He said the labor department then pays the workers as it can.

“They worked with certain contractors to try to knock out as many people as they could to get them paid in full and then move on to the others,” Lowry said.

He added that the remaining employees will be paid as the library makes headway on its prevailing wage bill.

Library board president Carolyn Ferrell has said the group is working toward getting a loan to pay its bill.

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