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Fiscal Courts in Coal Counties Get Refunds

A coal-to-liquid gasification plant

Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear announced Wednesday that 34 fiscal courts in the Commonwealth will receive refunds from mining permit and acreage fees.  Eight counties in our region will receive refunds totaling $58,377.

Daviess County Fiscal Court              $1,475
Henderson County Fiscal Court       $1,188
Hopkins County Fiscal Court            $6,075
McLean County Fiscal Court             $863
Muhlenberg County Fiscal Court    $5,575
Ohio County Fiscal Court                   $26,600
Union County Fiscal Court                $3,713
Webster County Fiscal Court            $12,888

Beshear said the state’s coal-producing counties are our partners and these funds provide a direct benefit for their efforts to extract coal in a manner that is safe, efficient, and protective of our environment.

The Department for Natural Resources refunds this year total $399,450. Last year, $381,400 was refunded. Refunds this year  to specific fiscal courts range from $25 to $73,583.  

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