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Paducah Tax Rate Remains the Same


During a public hearing Wednesday night, the Paducah City Commission introduced the annual property tax. Commission financial director Jonathan Perkins says a twenty-five and one-half cents property tax is recommended to the City.

“Staff recommends you set the city’s tax levy at the twenty-five and half cents, the same as last year, which makes it four and half cents than in two thousand and one,” Perkins said.

Perkins says this is the same rate as the 2014-2015 year. The total tax rate, including the city, Paducah Independent Schools, and Paducah Junior College for personal property is one point zero four three percent.

Taxes are due during the month of November. Anyone paying over five hundred dollars can spilt payments, one to be paid in November and the second in February, without penalties.

The tax rates are as follows: city general fund real property .255, personal property .390, motor vehicles and water craft .390; Paducah Junior College real estate 017, personal property .017, motor vehicles and water craft .031; Paducah Independent Schools real property .771, personal property .771, inventory .771; Total tax rate for real property 1.043, personal property 1.178, inventory 0.771, motor vehicle and water craft .421.

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