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Understanding the Kentucky GOP Caucus


Kentucky Republican Party officials say they are getting calls from voters to find out more about the republican presidential caucus March 5th.

That Saturday, republican voters will gather at county caucus sites to vote for a presidential nominee. Republican Party of Kentucky Executive Director Mike Biagi says the Kentucky caucus will be different from other states.

“The Kentucky caucus will be a lot different than what voters have maybe seen in Iowa or other places... Ours is designed to be more familiar in the sense that voters can go in, and sign in, receive their ballot, and vote in two minutes if they want to, while also having an opportunity to learn a bit more about the candidates, if they want to, at the candidate tables,” Biagi said.

Kentucky Republicans will only vote for the presidential nominee at the caucus. Calloway County Republican Party Chair Greg Delancey says he thinks there has been some confusion regarding the caucus and the primary.

“There will still be a May primary and all candidates running for any federal office or state office will be coming up on that particular primary election date in May. Except for the republican presidential nomination,” Delancey said.

There are six candidates running for Ed Whitfield’s 1st District seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.Whitfield is not seeking reelection this year. Republican Senator Rand Paul is running for reelection against nine other candidates.

A proud native of Murray, Kentucky, Allison grew up roaming the forests of western Kentucky and visiting national parks across the country. She graduated in 2014 from Murray State University where she studied Environmental Sustainability, Television Production, and Spanish. She loves meeting new people, questioning everything, and dancing through the sun and the rain. She hopes to make a positive impact in this world several endeavors at a time.
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