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Measles Outbreak Continues To Spread Across the United States


The Measles was essentially eradicated in 2000, but a record setting outbreak continues to spread across the country. The Department of Health and Human Services announced today that so far this year there are 1001 cases of measles in 26 states, including Kentucky.

HHS Secretary Alex Azar said in a press release that the rising number of cases is “troubling.”

“We cannot say this enough: Vaccines are a safe and highly effective public health tool that can prevent this disease and end the current outbreak. The measles vaccine is among the most-studied medical products we have and is given safely to millions of children and adults each year," he said.

Kentucky is one of 47 states that allows families to opt out of vaccinations because of medical or religious exemptions. State health officials said Wednesday that there have been two cases of measles in Kentucky.

Several neighboring states also have reported cases of measles, including Illinois, Indiana, and Tennessee.

The CDChas more informaiton about the outbreak. Read about a previous story about measles from the Ohio Valley ReSource.

(Note: The CDC website was last updated on May 31. A press release announcing 1,001 cases was sent out at 3:50 p.m. Wednesday.)

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