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Flood Shelter Opens in Paducah

Michael Jones

  A shelter has been set up for evacuated flood victims in McCracken County.

American Red Cross Manager Angela Roberts says they have identified four affected areas, mostly within the Paducah city limits.

Roberts says the information about affected areas is coming from community phone calls and clients while they coordinate efforts with the County Emergency Management team. The full scope of the damage, however, is still unknown.

“As we get reports and things we are going to be putting it on our map. And we are going to be sending out teams today to provide clean up kits to those that have experience flooding and to really assess the damage that we are made aware of,” Roberts said.

The clean-up kits offer a broom, bucket, squeegee and Clorox for cleaning. Roberts says they’ve spoken with about 15 clients so far. They’re sending out teams and leaving business cards to get the word out that help is available.

“With this being a flash flooding there was an impact, but the water has receded as opposed to a flood event where the waters stay up and can cause more damage. Some people may be able to get back in today, some it may be weeks or months,” Roberts said.

The shelter is located at 1527 Martin Luther King Drive in the Paducah Recreation Center. Mental health and health services, as well as food and a place to sleep are provided.

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