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On Thursday afternoon, not long before the rain started, a crowd gathered in Jefferson Square Park in downtown Louisville. They’ve been here every afternoon, protesting the police killing of Breonna Taylor. 

As people come up to give speeches and lead chants, Rosie Henderson sits at the ready. 

“I’m wiping down the mics with disinfecting wipes,” said Henderson. “We’ve been as safe as we can, so nobody can say that we just out here protesting and not trying to be safe.”


In the wake of the fatal shooting of a man in the Russell neighborhood by law enforcement, Gov. Andy Beshear has called on Louisville officials to release body camera footage as quickly as possible.

At Least 33 Arrested In Third Night Of Louisville Protests

May 31, 2020
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With downtown Louisville battered and boarded following two days of protests, Gov. Andy Beshear called in the National Guard Saturday and Mayor Greg Fischer instituted a citywide curfew beginning at sundown in advance of another night of demonstrations.

In Second Night Of Protests Downtown, Police Bracing For Action

May 29, 2020
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Protesters and police in riot gear faced off at Fifth and Jefferson streets Friday night around 9:30 p.m. during a second night of protests in downtown Louisville.

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Mayor Greg Fischer is appealing for calm on the streets following protests in downtown Louisville Thursday night. The protest moved through downtown for several hours and was largely peaceful, until gunfire rang out and seven people were wounded late in the evening.

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  In mid-April, the Centers for Disease Control began including probable and presumed positive cases in their coronavirus death toll numbers. 

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  If Kentucky’s healthcare facilities become overrun with coronavirus patients, tough decisions may have to be made about who gets access to limited resources.

Merryman House

  Even as large swaths of society hunker down, Kentucky’s domestic violence shelters and rape crisis centers are preparing to stay open — and deal with a potential influx of clients. 

“We really, really need to get the word out about the fact that we are open, we’re doing business, we’re here for the community,” said Angela Yannelli, the executive director of the Kentucky Coalition Against Domestic Violence

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The best advice health officials have amidst coronavirus fears: wash your hands, don’t touch your face and stay home if you’re sick. 

But for many Kentuckians, that last option is not feasible. 


UPDATE: Family Care Associates in Cynthiana, Kentucky, says three of its providers have been quarantined for two weeks after caring for a patient with coronavirus (COVID-19).

Brian T. Mulberry, MD, Kathy Hammond, APRN, and
Crista Crowdy, PA-C were listed as the quarantined providers. The announcement, shared on social media March 7, noted two weeks is the CDC-recommended time frame.

The announcement also notes none of the three were symptomatic, and the CDC contends there's no evidence of transmission of the disease by non-symptomatic persons.

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