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Liz Schlemmer is WUNC's Education Policy Reporter, a fellowship position supported by the A.J. Fletcher Foundation. She has an M.A. from the UNC Chapel Hill School of Media & Journalism and a B.A. in history and anthropology from Indiana University.

She has previously served as a temporary Morning Edition producer and intern at WUNC and as a news intern at St. Louis Public Radio. Liz is originally from Indiana, where she grew up with a large extended family of educators.


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Boyle County student Brooklyn Rockhold and her mother and brother endured abuse from her biological father for years. This week, she testified in front of Kentucky legislators, urging them to pass legislation to require child abuse education in schools so that children like her will be able to identify when they are being abused and report it.

Liz Schlemmer

Kentucky state Representative Josie Raymond (D-Louisville) says she believes she can gain bipartisan support for a renewed effort to expand access to Pre-K in the Commonwealth.

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On the first day of August, just two weeks before most Kentucky schools start class, there were 2,974 vacancies posted for public school educators across the state. Kentucky Commissioner of Education Wayne Lewis says that’s a serious problem.

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  Policymakers across Kentucky — and the nation — have grappled with how to best prevent mass school shootings committed by children, like those in Parkland, Florida and Marshall County, Kentucky.

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The number of Kentucky kids getting access to a free, nutritious lunch during the summer is growing.

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Kentucky has been funding health benefits for retired teachers for decades. But this year for the first time, that payment was dependent on a budget surplus. This move — to cut the health insurance funding from the state’s biennial budget and instead pay it only in the event the state made unexpected revenue — has been described as a necessity by legislators, and a risky move by the retirees depending on the benefits.

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Life expectancy in the United States has declined for the third year in a row, driven in part by a rise in mortality among working-aged white Americans.

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Kentucky Attorney General Andy Beshear took another jab at Governor Matt Bevin Friday, one day after scoring a win in their on-going battle over whether the state will discipline teachers for participating in “sickouts” that closed Jefferson County Public Schools six days this spring.

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When students walk into Frederick Douglass High in Lexington, they enter a set of double doors equipped with automatic locks, then funnel into the gym to pass their bags through metal detectors before heading to locked classrooms.

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The political action committee for the Kentucky Education Association, the state’s teachers’ union and largest educator member organization, has unanimously endorsed Democrat Andy Beshear for governor.