Liz Schlemmer

Liz Schlemmer is WUNC's Education Policy Reporter, a fellowship position supported by the A.J. Fletcher Foundation. She has an M.A. from the UNC Chapel Hill School of Media & Journalism and a B.A. in history and anthropology from Indiana University.

She has previously served as a temporary Morning Edition producer and intern at WUNC and as a news intern at St. Louis Public Radio. Liz is originally from Indiana, where she grew up with a large extended family of educators.


The board of Jefferson County Public Schools has unanimously passed a resolution that asks Kentucky Commissioner of Education Wayne Lewis to withdraw his request for the names of school employees who called in sick in recent weeks. Lewis said he won’t withdraw the request.

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State Commissioner of Education Wayne Lewis is asking for the names of teachers who have called in sick to protest education bills at the legislature.

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Jefferson County Public Schools closed for a sixth time Thursday due to teacher absences, as a sickout continued despite assurances from lawmakers that the major education bills educators oppose are dead.

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Kentucky lawmakers say the last two education bills teachers have gathered in Frankfort to protest are very unlikely to move forward in the final days of the legislative session.

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Despite ongoing protests by Jefferson County Public School teachers at the Capitol, one of the bills educators have opposed passed both chambers Tuesday. Senate Bill 250 is now headed to the governor’s desk.

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Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin is condemning a continued teacher sickout, which has closed schools in some counties across the state as educators protest legislation at the Capitol. Jefferson County Public Schools will be closed again Tuesday — the fourth time in about two weeks — as teachers protest several education-related bills in Frankfort.

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Jefferson County Public Schools is closed on Wednesday, for the second time in a week, as educators rally in Frankfort to protest several pending pieces of legislation.

Ryland Barton / Kentucky Public Radio

The grassroots teacher advocacy group KY 120 United started this week by laying out a laundry list of educators’ grievances in a web post that threatens more action to shut down schools if the Kentucky legislature crosses their “lines in the sand.”

Matt Markgraf / WKMS

The Kentucky General Assembly has passed a comprehensive bill to improve safety in public schools, but funding for the measure is still uncertain.

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A House Committee has advanced a controversial bill that drew protests from hundreds of Kentucky educators in Frankfort Thursday.

The bill — House Bill 525 — would change the membership of the board of trustees that manages the teacher pension plan. On Wednesday, a teacher advocacy group called on educators to call in sick Thursday and arrive at the Capitol en masse to protest the bill. Hundreds showed up, flooding the bill’s committee hearing with the line wrapping across the lawn.