[Audio] This Weekend's Cinema International Feature: 2011's "Clandestine Childhood"

Sep 21, 2017

Credit Benjamin Avila ana Marcelo Muller / Wikimedia Commons

This weekend, Murray State's Cinema International features the 2011 film "Clandestine Childhood."  This Argentinian film, set during the rule of Argentina by a military junta in the late seventies and early eighties, tells the story of a young boy whose family is resisting the government.  It's told from the boy's perspective, mixing film and animation to portray how he sees the country's swirling political turmoil.  Todd Hatton speaks with Cinema International Director Dr. Therese Saint Paul, Murray State Political Science professor Dr. Marc Polizzi, and Dr. Elena Picech of MSU's Department of Global Language, who lived through those times herself, about "Clandestine Childhood."