Choral Conductor Talks Music, Invites Singers to Join New Chorus

Sep 17, 2012

For some, singing is a passion. For some it’s a career. For others, it’s something to do in shower, or in the car with the radio full blast. Now Murray has a group devoted to the vocal pursuit. The Murray Choral Society is a new organization dedicated to the study and performance of choral music. 

It’s open to the community, and the first rehearsal is October 1. The group’s conductor is Murray State Associate Professor of Music Dr. Amy Aucoin.

Dr. Aucoin joined Angela Hatton on Sounds Good to talk about new group, and why singing should be a life-long activity.

Singers over the age of 15 are invited to join the Murray Choral Society. Murray State students who join will have the opportunity to participate for university credit. 

E-mail or call Aucoin at or 270-809-6459 for more information and to schedule a voice placement audition.