Columbia Theater Restoration Moves Forward With Grant Support

Sep 4, 2020

Credit Columbia Theater

The historic Columbia Theater is continuing efforts to restore its downtown Paducah building after receiving two grants for historic preservation. 

The grant funding will help to restore the theater’s roof and protect the building’s interior from water damage. 

Project funding will partially come from the BRU-Bruckheimer Fund of the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Roof stabilizations grant support from the city of Paducah will also help with the project. 

“Water is our worst enemy,” said Columbia Art House Board Chair Darlene Mazzone. “So we are very happy to have the roof secure so that we can protect the interior from water leakage. The city’s grant was a tremendous help in making that construction project possible. 

The next step in preserving the Columbia is Phase I of the restoration, which is projected to cost $1.5 million.