Community Kitchen In Marshall County Robbed Of Food Items Twice

Oct 10, 2018

A community kitchen in Marshall County said they were robbed of several food items this week. 

Marcella’s Kitchen founder Marcella Perkins said a shed used for food storage was broken into over the weekend.

She said the robbers took about nine large sized packages of meat and three dozen eggs. Perkins reported the incident to law enforcement and moved most of the food into the main building on Monday. She said her shed was robbed again Tuesday night of bread, a homemade cake and more than 20 pounds of cheese.

“We are here five days a week and we serve good meals and we never ask any questions. So, I just don’t see the need to steal from us when we’re giving away free food,” Perkins said. 

Marcella’s Kitchen is in the process of moving to a location in Benton. Perkins said she’s concerned the robbers will soon target the food stored on construction trailers.

She said the kitchen is always accepting monetary donations and small canned goods. Perkins is asking the surrounding community to keep a close eye on the property.

Chief Deputy David Maddox said the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office is continuing to patrol the area.