Congressman Comer Holds Three More Town Halls this Week

Apr 17, 2017

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U.S. Congressman James Comer is concluding a series of town halls in Kentucky’s first district with three stops this week. 

The freshmen Republican is at the Union County Jobs Corps Center today at 4. Comer will speak at the Hopkins County Fiscal Court Room tomorrow at 4 and Carlisle County Extension Office on Wednesday at 9:30.

At previous town halls, he has discussed repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act (he has said it will 'collapse' under its own weight), defended proposed cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency (has has said the agency over-regulates) and heard agriculture industry requests for the next farm bill (such as more crop insurance, assistance for young/new farmers) and other matters regarding foreign trade (favoring lifting the Cuban embargo).

He has also met dissent from people concerned about the Republican healthcare plan, recent actions in Syria (he supports the bombing of the air base), President Trump’s rhetoric on social media and a variety of social issues like women's health and transgender rights. Comer is conservative on many social issues. He has, however, expressed support for funding programs like Meals on Wheels, SNAP (food stamps), the Essential Air Service and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.  

Comer plans on holding a town hall in all 35 counties in the district this year.