Film Shoot In West Kentucky Calls For Local Extras

Mar 16, 2018


The producers of a film underway in far west Kentucky are looking for extras for a shoot on Saturday in Dawson Springs.

The film, ‘The Silent Natural’ is about the first deaf professional baseball player ‘Dummy Hoy.’ The shoot will take place at historic Riverside Park.

The story takes place during the 1880s and the park was selected for its wooden grandstand.

Dawson Springs Mayor Jenny Sewell said the value of hosting major and minor league teams played a part in it being selected as well and added that the film will only add to its legacy.

“This is just another notch on its belt to say that we have a motion picture being shot at Riverside Park. They came because of the park and the historic value, not only that but the look of the park. It had to look 1888.”

Extras should wear clothing reminiscent of the time period, but just in case, Sewell said that attire would be provided to those who wished to be included in the project.

“There were a few people that wanted to be in it, but they either felt like they didn't have anything or they just didn't know what to bring,” said Sewell. “And so they do have a trailer that's pretty much filled with attire that would work for that era.”

Pictures will also be provided that indicate what was worn during the era.

Extras meet at Dawson Springs City Hall at 6:45 a.m.