GOP State Rep. Wants Lawmakers to Learn from Hoover Harassment Scandal

Nov 6, 2017


Republican Kentucky State Representative Kenny Imes said he admires House Speaker Jeff Hoover for stepping down from his leadership position.

Hoover resigned Sunday in the wake of reports saying he settled a sexual harassment lawsuit.

Imes said he admires Hoover’s courage to admit that he did wrong and put the commonwealth and his family first. He said Hoover is a close friend and that the way he reacted to the situation made him "admire him even more."

Imes said he wants other lawmakers to learn from the incident. “Hopefully people take this instance in particular to heart," Imes said. "I mean we do have ethics training, we do have sexual harassment training.”

Imes said he doesn’t know of any other sexual harassment cases that have gone unreported in the legislature, but said it would be his duty as a lawmaker and a Christian to report them.

Governor Matt Bevin called for the resignation of any other House members that have settled sexual harassment lawsuits on Saturday.

Imes said he believes progress on pension legislation, which was championed by Hoover, will slow down since Hoover’s resignation, but adds the House would be “ready to take action” if the governor called a special session.