Hopkinsville Trail Of Tears Pow Wow “A Family Reunion With Dancing”

Sep 6, 2018

Credit 30th Annual Trail of Tears Pow Wow event page / Facebook

An event highlighting Native American culture is in west Kentucky this weekend. The annual Trail of Tears Pow Wow begins at 11:30 a.m. Saturday in Hopkinsville.

Organizer Peg Hays says activities include tomahawk throwing, competitive dances and a drum contest. She says the Pow Wow serves as a family reunion - with dancing.

“It helps us remain close to our roots and we get to discover the Cherokee and Native American nations and find out a lot more about them up close and personal,” Hays said.

She said 21 tribes will be represented.

The event is open to the public and includes Native American food, crafts and jewelry.

Proceeds go towards maintaining and improving the Trail of Tears Commemorative Park in Hopkinsville.

The park serves as one of the few documented sites of actual trail and campsites used during the forced removal of the Cherokee people in the 1830s.