Kentucky's First Flu Related Death In Lexington

Oct 8, 2018

The state’s first flu-related death for the new influenza season has occurred in Lexington.

Fayette County Health Department Spokesman Kevin Hall said it’s not unusual for this kind of death to take place in October. “This was an elderly patient that had underlying health conditions and this is why it is so important for people who are 65 and over to get that flu shot because they are most at risk for serious complications from the flu,” Hall said.

Much attention recently has focused on urging citizens to get a hepatitis A vaccine.  Hall says both shots should be priorities.  “It’s important to protect yourself against two very different illnesses, hepatitis A and the flu.  So, get your hepatitis A vaccine.  Get your flu vaccine.  Now, it’s important for the free flu shot clinic. It’s flu shots only,” Hall said.

Hall said 27 people in Lexington died from flu-related causes last year.  He said the health department is offering free flu shots this Thursday at the Newtown Pike facility from 12 to six p.m.