Livingston County Provides Residents Sand and Bags in Anticipation of Flooding

Mar 1, 2018

Credit David Benbennick / Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain

Livingston County is providing sand and bags for residents of the Ledbetter area to protect their homes from rising floodwaters.

Officials began to take extra precautions and organize materials after the Paducah National Weather Service increased their forecast the river crest.

Livingston County Emergency Management Director Brent Stringer said the first areas that will be affected by the rising water levels are those that lie adjacent to the Tennessee or Ohio river.

“There’s many creeks that come in from the river that houses settle. That’s when we start having our problems with our flooding,” said Stringer.

Stringer said they have about 11,000 bags on hand and can access more if needed. He said the last time they used several thousand sandbags was during a flooding event in 2011.

The sand is piled at the end of KY 6074 just past Delta Drive intersection and is available for the public.