Madisonville Police Officer Formerly Assigned To FBI Task Force Under Investigation

Jan 28, 2020

Credit schmidt13 / 123rf Stock Photo

A Madisonville police officer formerly assigned to an FBI task force is under a criminal investigation following a complaint the officer was misrepresenting his time of work.

The Madisonville Police Department in a statement said the allegation was made against Scott Gipson last October. Hundreds of pieces of information were handed over to the department. The information dates back several years. Department officials say information was still being turned in on January 17.

Gipson has since stated he will be retiring on February 1 and has been placed on administrative leave.

Gipson was removed from the FBI Safe Streets Task Force last November following the allegations.

Update 1/29: In an email, Kentucky State Police Sergeant Josh Lawson said KSP was involved with the investigation concerning the Madisonville Police Department and Gipson, but that no lead agency for the investigation has yet been determined.

This story has been updated.