McCracken County Fiscal Court Partners with Humane Society

Mar 24, 2015

Credit nhandler, Wikimedia Commons

The McCracken County Fiscal Court passed a resolution Monday night to enter into a contract with the McCracken County Humane Society to house animals brought in by the animal control.

McCracken County judge-executive Bob Leeper says a 2011 euthanasia scandal at the humane society did not deter county leaders from making the deal.

“I don’t have the ability to just say it happened three years ago so let’s just ignore where we’re at today,” Leeper said. “I believe they’ve proven themselves. I’m comfortable with our contract that protects the animals and I’m comfortable to move on.”

The fiscal court voted unanimously despite opposition from county animal shelter supporters. The animal shelter will remain in use until the contract starts January 1, 2016. If the humane society completes their new building,  the county can send its animals to the new location.

Commissioners Bill Bartleman, Jerry Byer and Scott Wathen all said they felt good about the contract.

“I am very comfortable with what we are voting on,” Wathen said.

The concerns voiced by animal shelter supporters were taken into consideration during contract negotiations.

“I think all of us appreciate your passion and the hard work you’ve done for the last two or three years to maintain a shoestring animal shelter," Bartleman said. "I think you’ve done a good job at that. Your concerns were taken to the bargaining table with the human society to make sure those issues were dealt with."

The county previously cut ties with the humane society after animal cruelty charges were brought against an employee for not sedating an animal prior to euthanasia.