Murray Loses Parks Director to Hopkinsville

Aug 13, 2015



Tab Brockman
Credit City of Hopkinsville

Murray-Calloway Parks Department director Tab Brockman is leaving his post to lead the same department in Hopkinsville. In a press release, Hopkinsville Mayor Carter Hendricks said Brockman will take over as the head of parks and recreation on September 8.

“We are really excited to have identified a candidate with the right balance of experience, skills, and innovation necessary to complement our existing recreation offerings as well as support efforts to enhance them through a variety of new initiatives like the 2017 solar eclipse,” Hendricks said.

The city conducted a national search for the position.  Brockman is a fixture in the Murray community having previously served as the Executive Director of the Murray Calloway County Chamber of Commerce. He's also a noted photographer of Murray State sporting events.

“Hopkinsville has a tremendous parks system with so many great offerings for patrons of all ages,” Brockman said in a release.  “The community leaders totally understand the value of good parks and what they bring to the overall quality of life for Hopkinsville, Christian County and the region.”

Brockman leaves Murray-Calloway Parks Department after five years of growth including adding a disc-golf course and fundraising for baseball related equipment. Brockman did lead a failed attempt to create a park tax to add additional funding for the parks system.