Old Kentucky Tales S3, Ep3: Crashing the Klan: An Interview with Dr. Brian Clardy at Pogue Library

May 1, 2018

Reverend W.G. Harvey photo courtesy of New Greater Love Missionary Baptist Church

In this episode of Old Kentucky Tales, we interview Murray State University's history professor Dr. Brian Clardy to find out what happened when Reverend W.G. Harvey (pictured here) walked into a Klan rally in Paducah in 1975. This episode was recorded on the MSU campus at Pogue Library for a live audience.         

Listen for our Fake History Sponsors: the 1848 sale of President William Henry Harrison's carriage and Sugar Savings advertising in 1964!

And a big thanks to Sound Engineer Todd Birdsong and WKCTC's Paducah School of Art and Design.