Paducah May See More Food Trucks

Feb 17, 2016

Credit Author: Monika M. Wahi, via Wikimedia Commons

Paducah city officials are considering drafting an ordinance to expand the use of food trucks in the city.

Right now, mobile food vending is allowed only on a couple stretches of Hinkleville and Lone Oak roads in what’s known as highway business districts.

Planning director Steve Ervin told the Paducah City Commission Tuesday night there will be many factors to consider in a possible ordinance, including the number of hours a truck can remain in one location, the types of items that can be sold, garbage collection and parking issues.

"I see it as an opportunity for individuals to take initiative to go into business for themselves," said commissioner Richard Abraham, according to the meeting highlights. "There are a lot of different ways to put this together. Our challenge is to put it together in a way that's fair."

Ervin is now looking at other cities’ ordinances for common practices he can recommend to the city commission.