Recanvass Ordered For Ky. House Race In Owensboro Decided By One Vote

Nov 13, 2018

D.J. Johnson (left) and Jim Glenn
Credit Facebook, via WKYU

The Kentucky Secretary of State is ordering a recanvass of all votes cast last week in a state House race in Owensboro.

The Democratic challenger defeated the Republican incumbent by a single vote.

The Daviess County Clerks Office has been told to conduct a recanvass of all precincts in Kentucky House District 13, which covers most of Owensboro. The recanvass was requested by first-term Republican Representative D.J. Johnson.

He lost his re-election bid last week to Democrat Jim Glenn by one vote.

If the results hold, Glenn will take back the seat he held for five terms before losing to Johnson in 2016. The Messenger-Inquirer reports the recanvass will be conducted Thursday and overseen by the Daviess County Board of Elections.

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