Reported Funnel Clouds, High Winds In Union Co. Cause Damage, One Injury

Mar 14, 2019

A map of the survey teams sent throughout west Kentucky.
Credit National Weather Service

Update: The National Weather Service confirmed this was an EF-1 tornado with estimated peak winds around 110 miles per hour. Read their assessment.  

Severe weather and tornado warnings swept through west Kentucky Thursday morning that led to one confirmed tornado touchdown in McCracken County. The National Weather Service is sending crews Friday to Union, Henderson and Carlisle Counties to determine whether tornadoes caused the reported damage.


Union County Emergency Management Director Greg Noel said severe weather caused one minor injury when a tractor-trailer blew onto its side.


“It could have easily been a lot worse. With the power of it coming through here, we’re extremely blessed," Noel said.


Noel said the “funnel clouds” seen in photos online were isolated to crop fields. He said other damages include a barn roof being ripped off, downed power lines and temporary power outages. He also said an outage in Uniontown caused levee pumps to go offline, resulting in minor flooding.