Teens Strike Deal in Hopkinsville Sexual Assault Case

Aug 19, 2016

Credit belchonock / 123rf Stock Photo

Three defendants charged in the sexual assault of a 15-year-old boy at a house party in Hopkinsville two years ago have struck deals to testify against their alleged accomplice.

Colton Cavanaugh, Samuel Miller and Tyler Perry agreed to testify against Dayton Jones, the only one still facing charges. Cavanaugh entered a guilty plea Thursday to amended charges of first-degree sodomy and first-degree wanton endangerment. Miller and Perry also pleaded guilty to various charges.

The four are accused of assaulting an incapacitated 15-year-old at Miller's house during a 2014 party. Police reports say the boy suffered severe internal injuries following the assault. Jones' trial is set to begin Monday.

Final sentencing has been set for Nov. 1.