Union City Heritage Park Launches 'Reelfoot Forward' Podcast

Apr 29, 2019

"Reelfoot Forward" host Scott Williams and guest Kelley Powers pose at the Discovery Park of America's museum.
Credit courtesy of Discovery Park of America

Discovery Park of America launched a podcast today focusing on west Tennessee.

"Reelfoot Forward: A West Tennessee Podcast" will feature Discovery Park President Scott Williams as he interviews notable influencers in various fields.

"Topics are chosen and the tone of the show is designed to ignite interest in the things we discuss and to inspire listeners to want to discover more," said Williams.

The first episode features Final Flight Outfitters Co-Founder Kelley Powers discussing the importance of the Reelfoot Lake area to his business.

DPA Assistant Director of Education Andrew Gibson also takes listeners behind the scenes of the park.

A new episode of "Reelfoot Forward" will be released each week.