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  • Local Host Justin Lewis

"Something from Nothing" is a local podcast about local makers for local listeners.

The show is about the creative process that many local artists employ when creating their works. You'll hear from musicians, potters, poets, print makers and more. Subscribe to our season. 

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Justin Lewis


This week on Something from Nothing we feature local art teacher John Romang from his home studio which also serves as a garage. In the episode John talks about the importance of variety in art. He practices what he preaches as two of his primary forms of art are completely different mediums.


A young, talented, “one woman band” is the focus of this week’s edition of Something from Nothing.

Leight July is a student at Murray State University studying music business during the day and on the weekends she is honing her musicianship.

It is quite early in her career so she still has vivid memories of her beginnings. She, in the episode, tells the story of how she got got started performing and the night when she considered giving up.

Justin Lewis


  This week on Something from Nothing Randall Griggs is the featured artist. During the show Randall talks about both his printmaking and robot building. Randall--a friend of the show thanks to his donation of a poster print to the live podcast--and I talked at his home where he builds robots and designs his prints.

Randall only fully pursued art when he experienced it as a necessity for livelihood; this story is explored in the show. Randall also shares how he became drawn to the unique style of creating robots.

He talks about inspirations and influences in his art. He talks specifically about the creative process when designing a poster print for a music concert. Randall shares a time when he thought the poster show was going to go really badly but it turned out to be one of his favorites.

Randall talks with joy about what enjoys about making robots and designing prints. He has certainly found his niche in the art community.

The show closed with Randall talking about how he hopes his art effects other people.


On the season premiere of Something From Nothing Kerri Bonner talks creativity from the perspective of social media. Her massive social media movement via instagram and “hashtag” #partakeinpaducah has made a huge impact on the community and truly was something that came from nothing.

In the episode Kerri recalls the story of how she started the city of Paducah account and the motivation behind it. She also describes her thought process behind the idea for the “hashtag” #partakeinpaducah.


Justin Lewis

The season finale of Something from Nothing was recorded in MAKE a downtown art shop and features visual artist Kijsa Houseman. In this episode Kijsa explains where her inspiration for pursuing art comes from-- both outside and inside her family-- and how she uses that experience to encourage others in the arts.

Kijsa explains her training and how that has come to help with instruction in addition to her practice.

She talks in detail about how MAKE came to be in existence and a project she is currently working on with the Baptist Health Cancer center.

The episode ends with her explaining a surprising inspiration for the puzzle piece that hangs in Mellow Mushroom. 

Justin Lewis


Mitch Kimball is the guest on today’s episode. Mitch’s artist talent is in the realm of pottery. He explains the type of work he does and where he does it. The unique opportunity for him to interact with the public is made possible by him having a potter’s wheel in his shop “Ochre” located in the Coke Plant.


Kimball is also an art teacher and offers insight into how that helps shape his work. He and his wife saw the beginnings of the Lowertown Arts District and he gives the listener an idea of what it is like to be a part of that community.


Mitch ends the show talking about his favorite part of being a potter.

Today’s show features Meg Mahoney whose artistic talent is displayed most in animation and illustration. She is inspired by the way she is able to blend story, drawing, and a natural propensity of people watching to make this her art of choice.

The artist describes how she blends psychology with art when drawing characters. She explains how practicing in public is helpful for developing her skills. The movie she is currently working on is explained and she also goes into detail as to what type of career options are available for someone interested in illustration and animation.

Meg tells the story of how she became interested in this type of art and how she was led in this path. The episode ends with her talking about project completion.

Justin Lewis

In this episode we meet Murray State student, Melanie Davis. The musician talks about her experience making the finals of the WKMS Singer/Songwriter competition.

During the episode she talks about her vocal inspirations and the reason why she learned to play guitar. Her writing style is covered in the show, talking about some of the influences for lyrics, including a one specific situation she tells in detail.

In addition to her solo work she explains her band Cruel Waves and the unique style of “Beachy Dream Pop.”

The show closes with Melanie playing a song live in the studio.

Marshall Toy is the guest for episode 6 of the show. Marshall’s creative outlet is in the form of woodwork. The episode was recorded in Marshall’s shop behind his home.

Hear how Marshall got into woodworking and how his skill set has developed over the past few years. He talks about the pen making process and how that has become one of the most popular items he creates.

Also, learn about Marshall’s most challenging projects.

The episode closes with Marshall discussing his favorite piece of furniture he has made personally.

Glenn Hall Photography

In this episode of Something from Nothing, Justin interviews Nathan Lynn in the guest’s van--down by the river. Justin and Nathan begin the interview by briefly reminiscing about an incident during their time together at Heath High School.

Nathan discusses in detail one of his songs that happens to be one of Justin’s all time favorites. The guest shares some of his songwriting influences including how his family played a role in his development as a musician. The origin of Bawn and the Mash and Wheelhouse Rousters is covered in the show.