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Tips for a Heart-Healthy Valentine's Day from Southeast Dairy


According to the National Confectioner's Association, Americans will spend $1.1 billion on Valentine's sweets this year, most of it chocolate. Kate Lochte speaks with Southeast Dairy's Nutrition Affairs Program Manager Laura Marbury who offers healthier alternatives for our consideration, and some tips for chasing away the effects of the flu.

"Dairy is such a great, comprehensive source of nutrition. It's got nine essential nutrients... And this is all dairy... And dairy, milk in general, is such an affordable source of nutrition, as well, at only 25 cents per glass."

During her visit to Murray State to teach students about nutrition and dairy, Laura Marbury takes time to talk to Kate about some healthy, dairy alternatives to sweet Valentine's Day treats.

Southeast Dairy's Nutrition Affairs Program Manager Laura Marbury's suggestions for recipes maximizing dairy's nutrients and more are found at

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