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Local Source for Austim Spectrum Diagnosis and Therapy

There's been national news this week about the loneliness of families living with autism spectrum disorder and finding little support. On Sounds Good, Kate Lochte speaks with Dr. Becky Nastally, who founded Bloom Behavior Therapy, LLC. in Paducah. She works with children with autism and other developmental disabilities, their families and the schools in which they study.

Dr. Nastally has been practicing in Paducah for three years and uses the approach of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy with a specialization in treating children with autism spectrum disorders, ages 3-5. She says there's a gap in services from when kids age out of the Kentucky First Steps program (early detection and initial training for parents) to being kindergarten ready. Her clinic offers intensive intervention in a one-to-one context structured around learning opportunities. These might include expressive communication, receptive communication and imitation.

Bloom Behavior Therapy has recently expanded to include Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnostic evaluation (something a parent in the region would need to go to Nashville or Louisville for). Also, an intensive early intervention program designed for young children who are newly diagnosed with ASD. Nastally says early intervention is so essential and such a huge component for treating any form of developmental delay.

There is no known cure or isolated cause for autism now, but she says research has shown that the most effective tool is intervention. Many parents ask after getting the diagnosis: what's next? Nastally defines intensive as 25 hours a week - between clinic work and family activity at home. She tells parents: you have to think of this as a lifestyle change, as something you are going to adopt in all interactions with your child in all parts of your day.

Dr. Becky Nastally is a Board Certified and Licensed Behavior Analyst who is the founder of Bloom Behavior Therapy, LLC. located in Paducah. She has ten years experience working with children with autism and other developmental disabilities, their families and the schools in which they study.

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