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The Murray Center for Accessible Living Surveys Local Businesses

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  The Murray Center for Accessible Living is conducting surveys of local businesses to determine compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. As part of an Accessible Murray initiative, the surveys highlight what businesses are doing well and offer low cost or no cost suggestions for improving accessibility.

Lead Independent Living Specialist Carissa Johnson said she is trying to help local businesses.

“Because a lot of people with disabilities have money, they want to spend it but they’re going to visit the business or organization that is accessible. So we want Murray to be just as disability friendly as any other town.”

Johnson said businesses surveyed meet most of the requirements, however, there are small things that could easily be fixed. Priorities listed include accessibility to the parking lot, aisles, dressing rooms, bathrooms and water fountains. She said C-A-L is developing an online course addressing disability etiquette for employers.

Ebony Clark is a student at Murray State University majoring in computer science. She was born in Brownsville, Tennessee. Ebony has served as a reporter for 4-H congress in Nashville, TN where she spoke with several state leaders and congressmen. Ebony enjoys writing poetry and spoken word and competed in Tennessee's Poetry Out Loud competition hosted by the arts council in Nashville,TN.
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