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Discovery Park Of America Hires Scott Williams As New CEO

Courtesy of Discovery Park Of America

The head of a top museum in Washington D.C. is taking the helm of Union City’s Discovery Park of America this week.

Scott Williams was most recently the President and COO of the Newseum, which TripAdvisor named one of the top 25 museums in the world. Last year, the Newseum welcomed a record-breaking 850,000 visitors.

Williams is originally from Memphis. He said the Park’s mission to help children and adults discover new things led him to take the job.

“The opportunity to get to do the things I love in a place I love with product that is just shockingly fantastic was too good for me to pass up,” Williams said.

Williams has written multiple books on select histories of west Tennessee and is working on his third book, “Forgotten Stories from the History of West Tennessee.” He also produces a blog on West Tennessee history and culture at

Credit Courtesy of Discovery Park Of America
Courtesy of Discovery Park Of America
According to their website, the mission of Discovery Park of America is to enhance the educational experience of children and adults and to inspire them to see beyond their current level of knowledge.

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