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The Tapestry Blends Classical and Classic Rock in "Remove the Veil" July 23 in Marion, KY

Tapestry, a musical fusion group based out of Marion, KY, presents "Remove the Veil" on Saturday, July 23rd, at Fohs Hall in Marion.
Tapestry, a musical fusion group based out of Marion, KY, presents "Remove the Veil" on Saturday, July 23rd, at Fohs Hall in Marion.

The Tapestry is a fusion ensemble that incorporates 400 years' worth of musical styles, sounds, and genres. Based out of Marion, Kentucky, the ensemble features nationally acclaimed musicians of eclectic backgrounds, from opera to pop. Austin Carter speaks to artistic director Corey Crider and producer Scott Hamrick ahead of The Tapestry's July 23rd performance at Fohs Hall in Marion, Kentucky.

Despite his extensive operatic career, MSU alum Crider has always been drawn to rock and pop. He and Hamrick sought to create a musical ensemble that combined these two worlds. They aimed to "break down those barriers and say, you really can mix a broader mix of musical styles together and come up with something greater than the sum of its parts," Crider explains.

Therein lies the meaning of the ensemble's name. Hamrick says the group wanted a name that succinctly explained their goal. "We talked about weaving, about foundations or building blocks. A tapestry is artistic, but it is a coming together and a weaving. You can make a statement with a tapestry as well. The name itself has been very sound and has continued to grow up in its depth of what it means."

The Tapestry utilizes the basic rock band set-up: a couple of electric guitars, bass, keys, drums, and vocals. They incorporate music from Mozart, Wagner, Bizet, Poulenc, Puccini, Saint-Saëns, Strauss, and Wagner, as well as contemporary giants, like Journey, Queen, and The Beatles—including Abbey Road in its entirety. The Tapestry's upcoming performance will also feature original, unreleased music by Cade Crider.

The Tapestry presents "Remove the Veil" on Saturday, July 23rd, at 6:30 pm at Fohs Hall in Marion. Tickets can be purchased online via the ensemble's Facebook event page. You can also buy tickets from the Fohs Hall box office. Floor tickets are $20, and balcony tickets are $10. "They are going quickly," Hamrick says. "So, I encourage you to go get your tickets as quickly as you can."

For more information on featured performers, music, and more, visit The Tapestry's website.

Austin Carter is a Murray State grad and has been involved with WKMS since he was in high school. Over the years he has been a producer for WKMS and has hosted several music shows, but now calls Morning Edition his home each weekday morning.
Melanie Davis-McAfee graduated from Murray State University in 2018 with a BA in Music Business. She has been working for WKMS as a Music and Operations Assistant since 2017. Melanie hosts the late-night alternative show Alien Lanes, Fridays at 11 pm with co-host Tim Peyton. She also produces Rick Nance's Kitchen Sink and Datebook and writes Sounds Good stories for the web.
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