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The Southern Illinois University School of Medicine and the Southern Seven Health Department are working to expand HIV prevention drug services to people in some rural areas.

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The next mayor of Cairo, Illinois said he wants to make the city a clean, safe place for people to live.

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Demolition of two complexes run by the troubled Alexander County Housing Authority in southern Illinois will begin next month.

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  Emergency Management officials in west Kentucky and southern Illinois along the Ohio River say severe flooding is finally under control. But the National Weather Service says water levels from Paducah to Cairo, Illinois, will remain at a “major” flood stage for at least another week.


EMA officials said that might close roads down and cut people off in low-lying, rural areas. Livingston County EMA Director Brent Stringer said even though the worst of flooding is past, people should reach out if they need any help.



A Colorado based company is bringing new businesses and a resource center to Cairo, Illinois. 

On the last day of school in the rural town of Cairo, on the southernmost tip of Illinois, the fire truck ran its hoses so kids could cool off in the sweltering heat. The staff barbecued burgers and hot dogs.

It was a light-hearted anecdote to what had been another tough year.

After a precipitous decline since 2012, enrollment dropped by another 100 or so students. This year there were only 26 seniors in the graduating class.

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  A report from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development shows that more than 1,300 health and safety issues remain at two public housing complexes in southern Illinois.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson is pledging to do all he can to help displaced residents of two derelict public housing projects in the small, southern Illinois river town of Cairo.

The secretary paid a visit Tuesday to the town, which is on life support.

"There is a big problem here," Carson said at a hastily organized forum in the high school gym. "We have to do everything that we have the ability to do to fix it."

Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson says through creative approaches, rare procedures, "and by the grace of God," Cairo can be saved despite public housing crisis.

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U.S. Housing Secretary Ben Carson is expected to visit a far southern Illinois community where two public housing complexes are being torn down, forcing hundreds of residents to find new homes.