Gov. Andy Beshear

Screenshot from Governor Andy Beshear's Facebook Live

Governor Andy Beshear today reported Kentucky’s second highest number of COVID-19 cases and deaths in one day. Beshear confirmed 1,487 new cases of coronavirus and 21 deaths attributable to the virus. 

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  As the number of coronavirus cases surge across the U.S., so do cases in Kentucky. It’s one of 31 states where cases continue to rise. 

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Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear says the moratorium on disconnecting utilities for nonpayment is ending in Kentucky. 

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At the daily coronavirus briefing on Monday, Gov. Andy Beshear acknowledged that Kentucky mistakenly overpaid people who requested unemployment benefits — and advised recipients to save that money if they’re notified of an investigation because the state may eventually ask for it back.

Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear

Kentucky set a record for COVID-19 positive tests on a Monday for the second week in a row. 

Screenshot from Governor Andy Beshear's Facebook Live

Governor Andy Beshear today announced the highest number of new coronavirus cases in a single day. Beshear confirmed 1,346 new cases and seven deaths.

Gov. Andy Beshear

Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear said the state saw its largest Monday COVID-19 case increase.

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In line with an increase of coronavirus cases across the commonwealth, the number of reported student cases at Murray State University nearly doubled in the last week resulting in the highest case numbers since the beginning of the fall semester.

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Kentucky's governor has relaunched a health insurance program with an expanded mission to sign up people for an array of assistance services. The program is still called kynect.

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Kentucky's Supreme Court has ruled that Gov. Andy Beshear properly paid a law firm $4.2 million in legal fees for helping the state settle a lawsuit against opioid-maker Purdue Pharma when he was attorney general.