Kentucky Court of Appeals

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Two judges appointed earlier this year by Governor Andy Beshear will advance to the general election as the top vote-getters in their respective primary races.

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  A Paducah attorney will serve on the Kentucky Court of Appeals at least until November after being appointed as judge last week by Governor Andy Beshear.

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In one of his last acts before leaving office, Governor Matt Bevin has pardoned a Kentucky man convicted of sexually abusing his young stepdaughter. The man is serving a life sentence stemming from the alleged crime 20 years ago.

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Continuing a legal fight at the top of Kentucky’s government, Lt. Gov. Jenean Hampton is appealing a ruling that concluded Gov. Matt Bevin’s office acted within its authority when firing her top two assistants.

The visitation and funeral are Friday evening and Saturday for a former Kentucky Court of Appeals Judge from the region who died this week. Judge Rick Johnson of Symsonia died Tuesday at Baptist Health in Paducah.

An appellate judge has announced he will run for a spot on the Kentucky Supreme Court days after Justice Bill Cunningham retired.

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A Kentucky appeals court has overturned one of the largest judgments in state history by ruling an online poker company does not have to pay the state $870 million plus interest.

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A Kentucky appeals court has ruled that Republican Gov. Matt Bevin's administration has the authority to issue a subpoena to a former state official who served during the tenure of Bevin's Democratic predecessor.

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A Kentucky appeals court has delved into the case of an ex-state employee refusing to comply with Gov. Matt Bevin's investigation into a no-bid contract awarded by his predecessor.