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Although often associated with all things spooky, most spiders found in Kentucky do far more good than harm. Woodlands Nature Station naturalist, Shannon Brockway, speaks with Tracy Ross about our eight-legged, bright-eyed friends.

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Enjoying nature isn't limited to hiking and sightseeing; foraging wild edibles is a rewarding way to find unique and nutritious foods. Woodlands Nature Station naturalist, Shannon Brockway, speaks with Tracy Ross about the best wildlife for beginner foragers and important precautions to follow while harvesting.

Land Between the Lakes

January's chilly temperatures can often be a deterrent to getting out into the wild and enjoying nature. However, the colder months create unique wildlife watching opportunities as migratory species, nocturnal foragers, and Mississippi flyway travelers settle into Land Between the Lakes. LBL's lead naturalist, John Pollpeter, visits Sounds Good to discuss.

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  Federal and state wildlife officials announced Thursday shotgun-armed people in helicopters will now be used this winter to combat invasive feral hogs in the Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area.

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Although pelicans are normally associated with coastal areas, more and more of these large, big-billed birds are making a seasonal home in Land Between the Lakes. LBL lead naturalist, John Pollpeter, visits Sounds Good to discuss the recent influx of pelicans in western Kentucky. 

Tennessee Valley Authority and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers officials are asking people to be mindful of higher water levels in Kentucky Lake and Barkley Lake through this weekend. The lakes’ two dams since Monday have cut back water flows to help control flooding along the Ohio River.

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Most of Land Between the Lakes remains open during the partial government shutdown and nonprofit group Friends of LBL wants those who visit to be mindful about their waste. LBL is operated by the U.S. Forest Service which is closed during the shutdown.

Starting in 1990, the Kenlake Hot August Blues Festival has quickly become a beloved pre-Labor Day tradition for the Kentucky and Tennessee area. Mid-South native and musician, Lew Jetton, visited Sounds Good to discuss the upcoming festival.

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Hummingbirds are a native species all across the U.S., but it’s only in August that thousands more of them stop by west Kentucky during their migration down to Central America. Land Between the Lakes is preparing to celebrate their arrival.

   The Tennessee Valley area is rich with wildlife, nature, and sites of historical and archeological significance. To keep these areas in good condition, the Tennessee Valley Authority founded an outreach program that allows members of the community to aid in the preservation of these public lands.