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She wore black Converse shoes and Louisville Cardinals sweatshirts and loved classic rock. He played on the high school baseball team and enjoyed history and the outdoors. They were 15. They were Bailey Nicole Holt and Preston Ryan Cope. They started school together and they ended school together. They were killed in a shooting spree at Marshall County High School on Tuesday, January 23.

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Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin says there needs to be an end to what he called ‘moral decay in America,' but warned against knee-jerk reactions.

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In this week’s episode of Kentucky Politics Distilled, a school shooting at Marshall County High School sparks debate in Frankfort over whether and how state government can try to prevent gun violence.

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Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin asked families and friends of the victims of the Marshall County High School shooting gather on the stage of a local art center as he declared Sunday, January 28, 2018 'A Day of Prayer for Marshall County.' Bevin offered words of encouragement and faith and called for prayer, while criticizing those who 'mock' the sentiment of "thoughts and prayers."


The funeral services for the students killed in the Tuesday shooting at Marshall County High School are this Sunday.

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Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin will proclaim Sunday, January 28 as a day of prayer for Marshall County shooting victims. 

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Students returned Friday to the Kentucky high school where a classmate went on a shooting rampage, killing two teenagers and injuring multiple others in an attack that shook this rural community to its core.

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Kentucky schools would be able to designate “marshals” responsible for keeping a gun on campus in order to stop a mass shooting, under a new bill filed in the state legislature.


The American Red Cross is extending their services to aid those impacted by Marshall County shooting.

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The mother of a girl killed in a shooting at a rural Kentucky high school said she got a call from her daughter but couldn't hear the girl's voice as the violence erupted.