National Quilt Museum

National Quilt Museum

  The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically reduced the number of visitors to popular tourism destinations in Kentucky, and across the nation. Since the shutdown of most Kentucky businesses and cultural sites in mid-March, and the gradual reopening, museums are among those that have been hit the hardest.  

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This summer, Paducah's National Quilt Museum will feature a new exhibit, "OURstory: Human Rights Stories in Fabric." Susanne Miller Jones, curator of the exhibit, speaks with Tracy Ross about the featured works and the civil rights movements throughout history they commemorate. 


The unfinished quilt of the late Rita Smith was purchased at an estate sale by Shannon Downey. A notion to complete the deceased woman's work turned into a 1,000-volunteer project, the final product of which will be presented at the National Quilt Museum in Paducah, KY this weekend. Downey speaks with Tracy Ross about the quilt and the process of finally finishing it.

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As Americans celebrate Women’s History Month, the Women’s Suffragist Centennial Chorus is traveling across Kentucky to share the history of women’s right to vote, ramping up to a larger celebration in 2020 for the centennial of the ratification of women’s right to vote.

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99 years after women claimed their right to vote, the National Quilt Museum in Paducah, Kentucky honors groundbreaking women of the last century with their new exhibit, HERstory Quilts: A Celebration of Strong Women. Susanne Jones, curator of this exhibit, visits Sounds Good to discuss the quilts and the artists who made them.

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Lola Jenkins is an award-winning and self-taught (or, as she prefers to say, "God-taught") master quilter. Using multi-colored fabric swatches, Jenkins creates totally unique portraits of loved ones and celebrities alike. She visited Sounds Good via telephone from Omaha, NE to discuss her works and her featured exhibit in Paducah's National Quilt Museum.

    Paducah's National Quilt Museum is featuring a space-inspired exhibit, Fly Me to the Moon, for the summer. Over 130 artists from 8 countries submitted art quilt pieces celebrating all things lunar, and 44 of those pieces will be on display in Paducah. Susanne Jones, the museum's exhibit curator, visits Sounds Good to discuss the astral artwork. 

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USA Today’s 2018 Reader’s Choice Travel Awards ranks Paducah the third Best Small Town For Culture.

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          At 13 years old, Carol Larson stood at 6 feet and 6.5 inches. Due to surgically shortening her legs at an attempt at 'normalcy,' Larson faced challenges every day of her life, which she then translated into various art forms -- one of which has found a new home in Paducah's National Quilt Museum. 

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Paducah welcomed a new mural to it’s floodwall this week that highlights the city’s identity as a town for artists and quilters.