AG Andy Beshear Issues IRS Scam Alert to Murray and Calloway County

Aug 24, 2017

Credit Timur Arbaev, 123RF Stock Photo

Attorney General Andy Beshear issued a scam alert Thursday after receiving complaints from people in Murray and Calloway County.

Local residents report receiving a call from a New York phone number, where the caller claims to be an IRS agent and demands immediate payment over the phone. The IRS scam threatens that law enforcement will prosecute, arrest or deport the victim if refused.

Beshear said the IRS will never call and demand payment over the phone. He said people contacted by someone claiming to be an IRS agent and threatening arrest should hang-up and report it to the actual IRS.  

Beshear said the IRS will never require tax payment by debit or credit exclusively, ask for debit or credit numbers over the phone, threaten with police or email asking for personal information.